Studio Pilates


In a Studio Pilates session, your instructor will work one on one with you, guiding you through a series of exercises selected to meet your unique needs. You’ll typically use a variety of equipment, as well as the mat. Our sessions are one hour long.
We offer two options for studio Pilates sessions:
Studio Pilates Sessions. In a studio session, your instructor will be teaching up to three or four clients. The instructor will teach you an exercise, then move on to the second and third students while you complete the repetitions of the exercise, and then come back to you.  Studio sessions are efficient and economical, allowing you to have an individual program while maintaining affordability. Before beginning Studio sessions at Balance & Control, you’ll need a one hour initial consultation. The initial consultation allows us to understand your needs and devote the time necessary to teach the fundamental Pilates principles in depth.
Private Studio Sessions. When you need the full attention of your instructor throughout the whole hour, private sessions are a great option. Private sessions are particularly valuable when you are just beginning Pilates.