Pilates Mat & Allegro Classes

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The Allegro machine is a variation of the usual Pilates Reformer machine you will see in a Pilates Studio. It uses an 8-wheel suspension system for a smooth, quiet ride, it has an extra-wide, and fully adjustable padded footbar to give you the best possible workout. The main difference is that it is more versatile for a class setting, so we can allow more people to enjoy the best quality instruction on the Reformer.


Studio Directors Bruce Hildebrand and Megan Steers have developed a special programme specifically for the studio. The programme is a progressive series guiding participants through the Pilates Reformer repertoire. The classes incorporate all the traditional Pilates Principles – the key elements of Alignment, Breathing and Centering, with a modern application to improve trunk and pelvis stabilisation. The goal is to allow clients to progress from beginner to advanced repertoire through a series of classes. Once participants are able to successfully perform a series level, they can progress onto the next level. This ensures class members are of similar experience and ability and allows the class to flow. This is something we identify as a high priority when it comes to joining a class, so is something we will work very hard at providing for you.

PILATES ALLEGRO classes can provide these great benefits:

  • Tone
  • Muscles strength
  • Cardiovascular endurance
  • Balance and coordination
  • Flexibility and mobility
  • Posture


Class Levels:

Class levels are divided into: BEGINNER, INTERMEDIATE, ADVANCED levels Classes are structured for you to progress through sequentially. If you have previous experience with Pilates and feel that you wish to enter the programme at either the Intermediate or Advanced levels, you will be required to attend a 1:1 private consultation to allow the teacher to assess which level of class you are most suited to. This ensures participants in each class gain maximum benefit from each class.


Classes run for 1hr. and places limited to 8 participants to maximise effectiveness of instruction.

Class Fees:

  • Pilates Allegro Class 10 Pack: $280
  • Pilates Allegro Class Loyalty 10 Pack: $252

If for any reason you are unable to attend a class, then you may attend a catch-up class, if there is availability in another class during the same week. Please note that refunds will not be given. For safety reasons, any catch-up classes must be either to the same or lesser levels.



In our group classes, our experienced instructors lead the group through a sequence of Pilates exercises designed to provide an effective general workout. While the instructors will show you modifications to an exercise to address your needs, you will be following a sequence designed for the group as a whole.

A full body workout on the mat. Small apparatus, such as balls, therabands, and magic circles may also be used. Class size is limited to a maximum of 12 to allow for individual attention. The class content is progressive, building your skills and strength from week to week. Many of our clients find these classes an effective complement to their weekly Studio sessions.