HICAPS Item Code Information

From April 1st, 2015 HICAPS codes for all Physiotherapy and Osteopathy services have been reviewed.  Below are the updated codes you will require for all Private Health Insurance claims you are wanting to make for your Rehab Pilates Consults and Studio Pilates sessions at Balance & Control Pilates Studio.




Item Number Full Description Abbreviated Description
Physiotherapy practice    
500 Assessment Consultation ASSMENT CONSULT
505 Subsequent Consultation SUB CONSULT
506 Long Subsequent Consult (2 Areas) LONG CONS 2A
520 Assessment Consultation ASSMENT CONS HOS
525 Subsequent Consultation SUB CONS HOS
526 Long Subsequent Consult (2 Areas) LONG CONS 2A
530 Assessment Consultation ASSMENT CONS HOM
535 Subsequent Consultation SUB CONSULT HOM
536 Long Subsequent Consult (2 Areas) LONG HOM CONS 2A
560 Group Consultation GROUP CONS
561 Class Consultation CLASS CONS
570 Lymphoedema LYMPHOEDEMA
582 Neurological Rehabilitation NEURO REHAB
591 Custom made orthosis (upper limb) Consultation CUSTOM ORTHO/UL
592 Custom made orthosis (lower limb) Consultation CUSTOM ORTHO/LL
593 Pelvic Floor Physiotherapy PELVIC FLR PHYS
595 Antenatal Exercise Class Consultation ANTENATAL CLASS
596 Postnatal Exercise Class Consultation POSTNATAL CLASS

Downloadable version – Physiotherapy services



Item Number  Full Description Abbreviated Description
1801 Consultation/Treatment and Supportive Therapy CONSULT/TREATMT
1802 Consultation/Treatment and Additional Supportive Therapy STD CONSULT
1803 Consultation/Treatment and Extended Supportive Therapy LONG CONSULT
1804 Initial Consultation Examination Treatment INITIAL CONSULT

Downloadable version – Osteopathic services