Group Classes


Balance & Control Pilates group classes are designed to provide an effective general workout. Our experienced instructors will lead the group through a sequence of exercises and show you modifications for any exercise to address your needs. Whether you are brand new to Pilates or a keen enthusiast, these classes will challenge you.

If you currently do Studio/Rehab Pilates with us, group classes can be a great way to manage your progress and fit in that extra session a week to keep you on track with your health and wellbeing goals.

With a range of class formats running at our Prahran location, Balance and Control Pilates are ready to help you take your Pilates practise to the next level.

Mat Pilates is a full body workout on the mat! This class is suitable for all levels as it challenges the individual to work within their own body. Based on the key principles of traditional Pilates exercises – Alignment, Breathing and Centring – the class is progressive and will often include the use of small apparatus such as balls, therabands and magic circles. Class size is limited to a maximum of 10 to allow for personal attention.

Form & Flow is a dynamic class that is driven by the power of movement. Derived from principles of Pilates, yoga, barre and dance, Form & Flow is a fusion class that interchanges between moments of finding form in the body and then translating that into flowing movement sequences. By challenging the brain and body in this fluid yet functional setting, Form & Flow strikes an ideal balance between strength, coordination and endurance. [more info…]

The Form & Flow Gold class is specifically designed for our over 50’s clientele. Based on the principles of a Form & Flow class, Gold focuses on empowering movement at any age and offers modifications for those who perhaps need added support in their practice. Envisioned by one of our most experienced movement educators, Gold is an exciting class addition at Balance and Control.

Circuit Pilates combines your favourite exercises from each of our class formats to give you a full-bodied balanced workout. The 50 min circuit rotates between mat based Pilates, standing/balance work and reformer training. It challenges your body to work on different planes and in multiple directions. This full-bodied and faster paced approach will leave you feeling like you have done a workout! Classes are capped at 8 people.

Group classes are only held at our Prahran studios. Find all the classes in the timetables below. Please note; our schedule is designed to allow for clients to attend classes across different studio locations and change between class formats with our “Introductory Offer” and our “Universal Class Pack.” To book in for your first class, call the Prahran studio on 9036 3054 or register your interest below and we will contact you as soon as possible to get you booked in!

Remember, the more ways in which you can engage with your Pilates, the faster you will see results and the better this will translate into how you move in daily life!

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The Balance & Control Pilates Studio is a registered Studio with the Australian Pilates Method Association (APMA).

 Into_Offer_Banner_Aug16_02$50 UNLIMITED CLASS PASS 

First time clients to Balance and Control Pilates are offered a one-time exclusive introductory offer for just $50! The $50 Unlimited Class Pass gives you access to as many group classes as you can do for 14 days.

This includes Mat Pilates, Form & Flow, Circuit Pilates and Yin Yoga. Group classes are only held at the Prahran studio and the $50 Unlimited Class Pass is an excellent way to get a taste of the variety we offer here at Balance and Control Pilates.

Terms and Conditions

  • Unlimited class pass lasts for 14 days, beginning on the day of the first class.
  • We only offer group classes at the Prahran studios.
  • Clients can book in for as many classes as they wish within the 14 days. Due to the limited capacity in our classes, spaces are limited.
  • Cancellation policy: Our group class cancellation policy is 12 hours prior to class commencement. Please be considerate of other clients and phone us to cancel should you feel you might not make it to the class you have booked into.
  • If a client doesn’t show to class or late cancels a class (within 12 hours of class commencement), there will be one warning. A second late cancel will forfeit the unlimited pass for future bookings.


How many classes/sessions should I be doing per week?
At Balance and Control we understand that your time spent with us is valuable and we aim to help you get the most out of every session. Coming 2-3 times per week is our recommendation for seeing change and feeling improvement in your body.  Although we realise this can be a challenge when balancing busy work schedules and families, we know that Pilates is an investment in your health and wellbeing. Prioritising your attendance will ultimately contribute to a greater quality of life, now and in your future.

What times are the classes offered?
We offer a handful of times through the week at our Prahran studio – with the schedule viewable on this page, through our online booking system or ask when you are next in the Prahran or Carlton studios. If you find there is not a class scheduled at a time you would be suited to attend, let us know! Any feedback will help us further devise the schedule around our clients.

Should I be combining my Studio sessions with some classes?
Absolutely! Variety is going to challenge your brain and body, ultimately moving you closer to achieving your health goals. Classes are a fun way to challenge your capabilities and map your personal progress as they are faster paced and more fluid. Balance and Control prides itself on a team with superior level knowledge and a diverse range of experiences. Balancing your week with studio and class sessions will enable you to maximise your experience, seeing multiple members of our fantastic team and being encouraged to move beyond your expectations. We offer Loyalty Packages to facilitate these options.

I am new to Balance and Control. Can I just join the group classes?
Yes, our classes do not require a full physiotherapy assessment to attend. However you must fill in a consent form when arriving to the studio for your first class. If you have any problematic areas be sure to notify the instructor prior to the commencement of the class.