Form & Flow


Form & Flow is a dynamic fusion class that in its essence, is driven by the power of movement. Derived from principles of Pilates, yoga, barre and dance, Form & Flow interchanges between finding form and technique in the body and translating that into flowing movement sequences. By challenging the brain and body in this fluid yet functional setting, Form & Flow strikes the ideal balance between strength, alignment, coordination and flexibility.


A Form & Flow class flows between moments of standing, lying down and using the barre for support. It works with a combination of movements and exercises that flow together at a faster pace. It is designed to work your brain and body simultaneously to improve coordination and balance. You should expect to feel challenged in your movements and excited by what you discover your body is capable of. The class finishes with a release to open and free the body and reflect with the mind.


Form & Flow classes are priced the same as your regular Mat Pilates class blocks. This means you can use your 10-Pack across a variety of different classes, saving the hassle of purchasing multiple blocks. 


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How many classes/sessions should I be doing per week?
At Balance and Control we understand that your time spent with us is valuable and we aim to help you get the most out of every session. Coming 2-3 times per week is our recommendation for seeing change and feeling improvement in your body.  Although we realise this can be a challenge when balancing busy work schedules and families, we know that Pilates is an investment in your health and wellbeing. Prioritising your attendance will ultimately contribute to a greater quality of life, now and in your future.

What times are the classes offered?
We have launched a brand new class timetable for both our Richmond and Prahran studios offering an array of class times and styles. The schedule is available online or can be viewed in the Richmond and Prahran studios. If you find there is not a class scheduled at a time you would be suited to attend, let us know! Any feedback will help us further devise the schedule around our clients.

Should I be combining my Studio sessions with some classes?
Absolutely! Variety is going to challenge your brain and body, ultimately moving you closer to achieving your health goals. Classes are a fun way to challenge your capabilities and map your personal progress as they are faster paced and more fluid. Balance and Control prides itself on a team with superior level knowledge and a diverse range of experiences. Balancing your week with studio and class sessions will enable you to maximise your experience, seeing multiple members of our fantastic team and being encouraged to move beyond your expectations. We offer Loyalty Packages to facilitate these options.

I am new to Balance and Control. Can I just join the group classes?
Yes, our classes do not require a full physiotherapy assessment to attend. However you must fill in a consent form when arriving to the studio for your first class. If you have any problematic areas be sure to notify the instructor prior to the commencement of the class.