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Did you know Myotherapy can unleash the full potential of your Pilates workout?

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Myotherapy reduces your muscular tightness, eliminates pain and reduces tight spots in your body. This enables you to activate the right muscles, in the right sequence so you can perform your Pilates exercises correctly. In the early stages of undertaking Pilates, this will fast track your progression to becoming stronger and more stable. For more advanced students of Pilates, Myotherapy treatment will continue to increase your flexibility so you can get the most out of your Pilates sessions helping you master the correct technique; and thus accelerate your Pilates to an even higher level. At Elite Myotherapy we believe that joint collaboration with your Instructor and our therapists gets the best results and assists you to reach your Pilates goals faster!woman_neck_massage_shutterstock_65812537 Untitled   Untitled1 
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Elite Myotherapy is committed to providing a responsive, unique, personalised and professional muscle management service to everyone; from corporate executives to elite sports professionals. Our dedicated therapists are highly qualified, industry registered and always practice with the utmost of integrity. www.elitemyotherapy.com.au