Mat Pilates

What is Mat Pilates and why should you do it?

Mat Pilates is performed on the ground using a Pilates mat, often alongside other equipment including Therabands, Magic Circles and Pilates balls.

Mat Pilates

A Mat Pilates workout is no doubt challenging, but it provides a fantastic opportunity to tone and condition the deeper muscles of the body. The classes provide a full body workout. An instructor will guide you through conditioning exercises for the entire body in particularly the abdominals, arms, legs and glutes.

Mat Pilates lengthens and tones the body, however it is not only beneficial for the superficial outcome, but for learning how to use the correct muscles to avoid injury. The classes also work on your breathing to best compliment the movement, a great way to set you up for the day ahead or to de-stress at the end of the day.

Mat Pilates

At Balance & Control Pilates Studio as the classes have limited numbers, and are smaller than at many other group fitness centres, we have the opportunity to cater the classes to what our clients want to work on.

There is also a friendly, casual environment in a group class. We welcome people of different walks of life and Pilates experience levels.To see our Mat Pilates timetable, click here to head to our Mat and Allegro page.


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