Featured Team Member- Sally!


Give us a brief summary of your career to date – how did you get involved with Pilates?

Deciding on a career path in my teens was very difficult so I studied Arts/ Science to keep my options open.  From there I fell into Geology because I loved hiking, outdoors and field trips.  But I always had a yearning to pursue sports medicine and Physiotherapy seemed like the best fit.  I managed to study Physiotherapy at three universities in two cities for part of one semester until I eventually settled back to Melbourne to complete my degree at La Trobe University.  I discovered Pilates in my first year out of Uni after trying a few classes with Paul Cini, which led me to pursue Physio clinics that focused on Pilates rehabilitation.


What is your favourite thing about Pilates?

I love that Pilates makes us tune into our bodies – massively increasing our awareness.  This information allows us to move more efficiently, preventing injury and minimising pain.  Pilates continually challenges us to access muscles that we never knew existed, helping improve stability and posture.


If you could go anywhere in the world right now where would it be? Why?

South America. This was on my wish list for our first year of marriage but we fell pregnant with Millie.  She was also a wish come true!


What food could you not live without?

Avocado – spread it, eat it whole, mix it or mash it.  I eat heaps of fruit and muesli too.


What piece of advice would you give to someone about to embark on their Pilates journey?

Be kind on yourself and listen to your body.  Pilates gets easier, but it will always present you with a new challenge.


What do you love about Balance & Control Pilates Studio?

BCPS is unique because it is a family and community all in one, while at the same time providing the best quality service.  BCPS is filled with genuine people who are passionate about Pilates.  Everyone is greeted with a smile and welcomed into the BCPS family with open arms.


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