‘There is something uniquely challenging about the way that you teach Pilates at Balance & Control that appeals to the competitive instinct in me. My preconceptions about what is possible are challenged in a safe and supportive environment and there seems to be no end to my improvement!  I really miss my Pilates session whenever there is a holiday or I go away. As an active recreational walker I am now aware of my ability to see over the next hill sooner!!!


John Norman

‘I have been a Pilates devotee at Balance & Control for more than three years. My doctor originally referred me to help strengthen my pelvic floor after child birth. Once I got going, I realised what an amazing workout Pilates offered for my whole body and how after each session I felt like I’d had a good stretch and worked out the aches and pains for another week.

Pilates at Balance & Control got me through the tough time when my shoulders and back ached, I was teary and exhausted while breast feeding my son and I was doing Pilates until the day before my daughter was born almost two years ago. Friends I have recommended to Balance & Control have all said the same thing: such a friendly place.  I just love my Pilates and missing a week feels like punishing my body. It’s something I can’t live without’.

Clare Thompson

‘I am constantly learning and discovering new layers and spaces within my body. As a Pilates Instructor myself, it is a great place to discuss issues and I find it professionally supportive and insightful. I really look forward to that time to focus each week.

What stands out about Balance & Control Pilates is the quality of instruction, light, well-equipped studio environment, where all the staff are friendly and professional.  Everyone is achieving and working hard while keeping their workouts fun at the same time.

I would recommend Balance & Control Pilates to anyone who wants a great Pilates experience, wants to make changes in their body and be intellectually stimulated. Each workout addresses whatever need arises, is very positive and you can constantly explore deeper layers of movement experience.

My most outstanding personal achievements are the amazing times I have felt the freedom and lightness in my body and discovered the purity of movement. It’s sort of like fitting the pieces of a puzzle together for me. I am constantly gaining strength and doing new things and really enjoying the experience and loving the challenge.

A great attribute of my Pilates sessions at Balance and Control was preparing my body and gaining increased endurance and sustained ability for a high intensity period of travelling and dancing overseas recently.  ‘Thanks for all the feedback. Awesome’!


Angela McWhinney

‘With our Pilates at Balance & Control we’ve been able to focus on individual problems such as planta-fasciitis and later a torn hamstring, and found great results.  The individualized attention we are given in the sessions allow us to now do the exercises more effectively where we may have been doing them incorrectly in the past.
All of the instructors are as professional and friendly as we have come to expect.  What is astounding is that we find ourselves as strong and coordinated as we have ever been, and almost pain free “a remarkable outcome at the geriatric age of 65.’

Jan & Garry Fowler

‘I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the Pilates sessions in the past 4 months.

Your knowledge and energy of the Pilates repertoire has been invaluable, professional and of a high standard.  As a fellow Pilates teacher, you have helped me improve my teaching skills and also become a better quality teacher of the Pilates method.

I came to Balance & Control with having a facet joint problem in my spine.  I had sought out many other professionals, but no one seemed to assist me in improving my condition. For the first time I was able to understand more about my body and actually how I could assist myself, by working through a Pilates session slowly, almost back to basics. It’s been a great learning curve for me.  I always say ‘ you never stop learning’, but finding the right teacher has made my life a better one. My back feels so much better, since I started just 4months ago at Balance & Control’.


Dimitria Aridas

‘The Balance & Control Pilates Studio is fun, the staff supportive but also constantly challenging so that you can feel and see improvements.  It certainly helps to be given exercises one cannot do at first and then gradually be able to do them.  I love the explanations I am given and increasing awareness of one’s individual body awareness so that I can appreciate what and why the instructor has asked me to do something.  I also enjoy the attention to detail although it usually makes life harder as I cannot get away with the easy way!  I know that it will serve me better in the long run.

I like the variety of instructors you have on the team at Balance & Control many coming from different perspectives – the standard of instruction is so good.  My words of recommendation for Balance & Control – quality, friendliness, individuality, caring, challenge, striving for improvement, celebration of success.

Know I know my back is stronger, my posture better and easier to maintain “and I can walk/trek more easily.  In fact everything is easier’.

Jan Mahoney

‘My attendance at Pilates classes over the last 6 months at Balance & Control has been transformative both personally in my own body and professionally in the way I now teach clinical Pilates in my Physiotherapy practice.

Increasing my repertoire and deepening my understanding of the Pilates method has made me significantly more confident and effective with my clients.

I continue to experience fantastic changes in my own flexibility and control, such as touching my toes for the first time in 20 years. The aches and pains I used to get at the end of a long day teaching classes are now gone.

Incorporation of the Franklin Method makes the teaching more clear, concise and I now feel more knowledgeable about functional anatomy as well as Pilates. Sharing your expertise and experience with a wide range of complex clients means every week I come away with another ‘gem to take back to my own clients’.


Richmond Heath
Physiotherapist & Clinical Pilates Instructor


‘I have continued to cross town at the most inconvenient times to visit Balance & Control because I have never felt stronger in my life. In the studio I seemed to be surrounded by amazingly strong people of all ages achieving incredible things with their bodies. I started from a very low base and I have come an enormously long way; I am stronger, I am significantly less often in pain and more importantly I am confident about what I can achieve.  This is largely due to the culture at Balance & Control. There is an impressive level of knowledge about the body and Pilates. There is a genuine empathy shown towards the client. I always feel understood and cared for, whilst always being pushed out of my comfort zone. When I started at BCPS I didn’t really understand what I could achieve with Pilates; I didn’t realize that I had embarked on a life-long journey. Now my goal is to be a really strong ‘senior’ so I have no choice but to continue to cross town and keep doing what I’m doing!
I come from a teaching background followed by a 20 year highly successful career in Corporate Training so I feel well qualified to comment on the way adults both learn and teach. I have learnt an amazing amount about my body  from  Bruce and what I have learnt has come  from excellent example, articulate,  clear explanation, appropriate analogies when needed and  all made more palatable with a healthy dose of  good  humour!
I have no hesitation in recommending Balance and Control Pilates to anyone who either wants to improve their own body or wants to assist other people to do so’.

Marie Scodella

‘The most important point that I can make about Balance and Control Pilates is that coming here has had a great positive impact on my life.

I am a competitive cyclist and for years I suffered chronic back pain, which led me to an osteopath who recommended Balance and Control Pilates.  As a matter of fact, the osteopath recommended it because she was an occasional client of Balance and Control and had herself experienced the benefits.

I was skeptical at first, thinking that Pilates was nothing more than some kind of weird yoga that people liked to do at gyms instead of aerobics, but was immediately impressed with the fact that the initial consultation and assessment suggested that this is a place where the team really is concerned with understanding your body and fixing you, for want of a better term.

I can’t really say what makes Balance and Control Pilates stand out amongst other Pilates studios as I have no other experience, but I know what makes it excel; it is the attention to detail and the constant monitoring of each client’s progress that makes the difference.  My instructor Naomi knows how my body works better than I do and is constantly moving the goal posts so that I am always getting stronger, even if I don’t realize it; I’ve been coming for two years and have never been able to do more than eight reps of any exercise and so I never get bored or think I have mastered it.  I feel confident that Naomi always knows exactly where I’m at in my progress and has a plan, even if I don’t know what it is!

I came here to fix my back and cycle better, stronger, faster; but Balance and Control Pilates has had a much bigger impact than that.  Sure, I am much stronger on the bike now and my back hasn’t caused me any pain for a long time, but it’s not just that: in every aspect of my life I feel physically stronger and always at ease and this is all thanks to Balance and Control Pilates’.


David Sewell

I started working with Bruce and the team at Balance Control Pilates a few years ago and I cannot recommend them highly enough.  Throughout my career as an elite netballer I’ve certainly had my challenges with injury and the management of the load going through my joints. The highly specific and targeted exercises Bruce has guided through have made a huge difference and have opened my mind and body to learning more efficient ways to move.
Over time I’ve really noticed a change in my body shape and a huge improvement in the way my experienced (read: aging!) body is coping with training. I feel longer and stronger and my joints feel as though they have more space and power through a range of movements. The intensive core work also seems to have lessened the back pain I have experienced to differing degrees throughout my life.
My next challenge is regaining this strength and control following the birth of my first baby. I have no doubt that Pilates will help me through this process greatly.
Even though the sessions are always challenging and I’m often shaking with the work I’ve done, I literally run down the stairs and out of the studio feeling energised at the end of a session.
Thanks Bruce!

Sharelle McMahon
Melbourne Vixens, and Australian Diamonds Netballer

I love the benefits that my body feels from doing Pilates. Bruce is an amazing teacher that has a wealth of knowledge, he loves to challenge his clients whilst having fun at the same time. He has taught me so many great things so far and always makes classes enjoyable. I believe that since I started Pilates on a regular basis I have improved my balance, flexibility, posture, body awareness and stability of my muscles. A huge benefit to me is that overall my body seems to recover quicker after a hard training session on the court or in the gym because of my Pilates sessions. Therefore pilates it is also great for my recovery. I certainly noticed a difference in the way my body feels if I miss a pilates session or go without them for a week or two. Pilates also allows me to work on improving the strength in my muscles whilst not putting strain on my body and in particular my knees. I always leave a Pilates session feeling so much better than when I walked in, I feel free, open and longer. I always walk away feeling refreshed and full of energy!

Julie Corletto
Melbourne Vixens, LG Northern Mystics, NSW Swifts, and Australian Diamonds Netballer

I started seeing Bruce in April 2012 at his Pilates studio. I was going on average twice a week. At the start I found it very interesting and challenging. As the sessions went on and I found myself getting great results from Bruce. I found Bruce a great instructor and he always made sure I understood what I was doing and why I was doing the exercises. Within 3 weeks I started to see the results in my flexibility, When I started with Bruce I was about 15cm away from sitting and reaching my toes, After a month I could easily touch my toes and more. I found the main benefit with Pilates was walking out of the studio I felt like I was ready to get on with the rest of my training for the day. I felt extremely stretched and alive.

Daryl Corletto
Melbourne TigersSkycity NZ Breakers, and Plymouth Raiders Basketballer